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Goal #4

mHealth Support Coaching

Everything you need to know to be an expert mHealth support coach.

01. Training Video

Explaining the key tasks to mHealth coaching calls. Just remember to pay attention to your client's GAINS.

02. Written Materials

Below are links to materials to help you coach your mHealth clients.


​FOCUS Training Manual - mHealth Support Calls

This section provides the overview of steps involved in providing mHealth coaching, addressing technical troubleshooting, activating motivation, personalizing FOCUS skills, and summarizing content. Additional specific subsections below:

Technical Troubleshooting​

Activation and Motivation

Personalizing FOCUS Skills

Using the Toolbox

03. Other Training Recommendations

If you are viewing these training materials for the first time, as a part of the curriculum we recommend that you also engage in the following tasks or experiential exercises:


(1) Practice, practice, practice.
Use the practice scenarios to work on your mHealth support clinical skills. Above to the right are a few scenarios that you can use with your peer mHealth support specialist to practice mHealth support calls. These will be useful when you meet with the FOCUS trainer to determine whether you're ready to launch. Practice makes perfect!


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