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Goal #1

Preparing Your Clinic

To ensure a successful launch of FOCUS, there are a number of tasks to make sure you complete to be sure your site is prepared!

01. Training Video

Explaining the key tasks to ensuring a successful implementation of FOCUS at your clinic.

02. Written Materials

Links related to providing an overview of mHealth and the FOCUS intervention.


​FOCUS Training Manual - Preparing Your Clinic

This section provides the overview of steps involved in preparing your setting for a successful launch of FOCUS.

FOCUS Key Points Form

This document provides a quick overview of the FOCUS clinical and research activities to provide to your colleagues.

Characteristics of Your Site

This worksheet helps the mHealth support specialist reflect on the characteristics of their location that may affect the FOCUS launch.

Implementation Task List

This document helps the mHealth support specialist determine complete steps required for launch.

Addressing Ongoing Challenges and Barriers

This worksheet helps strategize about conversations aiming to address barriers.

03. Other Training Recommendations

If you are viewing these training materials for the first time, as a part of the curriculum we recommend that you also engage in the following tasks or experiential exercises:


(1) Put your list to work!
Start connecting with clinic leadership and colleagues about the implementation tasks that you've generated during the course of your training. Who will you need to engage? Who are important allies?

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