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Goal #3

Reviewing and Sharing Data

FOCUS data can allow for measurement-based care. This allows for more information and better information for you and your colleagues.

01. Training Video

Explaining the key tasks to reviewing, understanding, and sharing FOCUS data with the clinical team.

02. Written Materials

Below are links to materials to help you use the FOCUS dashboard:


​FOCUS Training Manual - Reviewing and Sharing Data

This section provides the overview of steps involved in reviewing client data in the FOCUS dashboard and sharing updates with the clinical team.

03. Other Training Recommendations

If you are viewing these training materials for the first time, as a part of the curriculum we recommend that you also engage in the following tasks or experiential exercises:


(1) Get granular
As you're beginning to learn the FOCUS dashboard, try to follow your client's contributions especially closely at first. This will give you additional familiarity with how the dashboard fills up as clients use FOCUS.

(2) Do detective work
Try to generate hypotheses to address in mHealth coaching calls based on your review of FOCUS data. You could also practice this alongside a colleague who is involved in the care of your client as well.

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