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Goal #2

Getting Clients Started

It's time to kick off! Everything you need to know to install, introduce, and initially teach FOCUS to clients at your site.

01. Training Video

Explaining the key tasks to helping your clients get off to a great start with FOCUS!

02. Written Materials

Below are links to materials to help you get clients started with FOCUS:


​FOCUS Training Manual - Getting Clients Started

This section provides the overview of steps involved in the first session of FOCUS: the installation and introduction visit.

03. Other Training Recommendations

If you are viewing these training materials for the first time, as a part of the curriculum we recommend that you also engage in the following tasks or experiential exercises:


(1) Practice installation
Install, delete, and install again on a practice device. Make sure you're familiar with the process.

(2) Repeat the schpiel

Practice describing FOCUS to multiple people to prepare for introducing it to clients.

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